2019 and the EU

New faces in EU Parliment and in the EU Commission: EU faces elections this year but, challenges stay the same: populism, trade conflicts, migration crisis, youth unemployment, BREXIT. Will 2019 be easier and better than 2018?


In the year behind us, EU was not lacking crisis: Trade wars, populism rise, Brexit, introducing temporary borders control endangering EU freedom of movement. Knowing this we can reasonably ask the question: Can 2019 be better or we can expect worse 2019 for EU?

The answer is a little bit of both. In May are scheduled Elections for the EU Parliament, the only supranational democratically elected Parliament in the world. The New personnel may bring a change across the EU rulers. From the President of the EU Commission and maybe new President of ECB. With all these changes the ongoing crisis will not disappear, but it gets a chance for a fresh start.

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