Iran wants US out of the region

In time where the US trups are leaving Syria, Washington expresses his worries about Teheran’s involvement in the country and in the whole Region.

“The enemy, cannot require from us to leave the regin.They must leave ther region.We are going must to anything in our power to help every muslim around the world “General Hosein Salami.

This is not the first time Iran to reject US demand and lower influence, just last week, the assistent of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenai, warned that regardless they want or not. They must leave Syria.

The Irani presence in Syria iritates the US ever since Trump published the retrive of 2000 American Soliders, out of the Country. But in a recent interview Trump said it would be good to keep some of the troups to protect Isreal and maintain close watching Iran.

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