Ole Gunnar Solskjaer The Saviour of United

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is on his honeymoon as he took over Manchester United having nine wins and one draw in his first ten games. The 11th one against PSG in the UCL may determine whether we are going to see him at United’s courtside next season also.

In eight weeks,Solskajer has refreshed the air and wiped all the toxic indicators in the United’s environment, but the real question is how has he done it?So how has he done it?

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Being personal

During his stay at United as a player he managed to establish a routine which consist of giving chocolate bars to all the stuff members that worked hard regardless his position in the club.The first recipient of this “Solskjaer award” was the receptionist Kath Phillips.

He also threw a party for the United stuff. No players were involved.Pretty remarkable, right? On that same party Solskjaer went stood on the stage for 15 minuts answering. He told those present – who had serenaded his arrival – it was time to put smiles back on faces. He has been as good as his word.

Order and routine

After Ferguson, every United manager was implementing and changing things piece by piece establishing, routines with cumulative effect of dismantling an empire.

David Moyes took chips off the menu; Louis van Gaal installed floodlights at Carrington for evening training sessions; Jose Mourinho chopped and changed his weekly news conferences, making the target of his weekly ire either a journalist or – more frequently – one of his own players.

By comparison, Solskjaer sticks to a consistent 08:30 Friday morning genial chat. These weekly media set-pieces are no longer the must-watch sideshows of the combustible Mourinho, but they are longer – and senior figures at the club are no longer on tenterhooks, wondering what demand is about to land at their door via the TV cameras or newspaper back pages.

Reaching out

Solskjaer has made it his business to talk with every section of the club, whether moving around the tables at a Unicef dinner at Old Trafford or visiting the Manchester United age-group women’s teams in training and posing for photos in the rain with as many girls and parents as possible.

Some of those watching didn’t even recognise the discreet Old Trafford boss.

One parent said: “If there’s a nicer person in football, I’ve yet to meet him”.


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